Friday, April 11, 2008

Beautiful All The Time's

Want to have a beutiful & healthy skin? It's not enough just physical treatment but must from the inside of our body too.

To keep our skin to healthy in this modern era is hard challege. more ever many people with style not the healthy choice, as like to smoke, eating a fast food,etc.

Alert the enemy of your beauty:
Air Pollution; it can make a early aging and wrinkle.
dust; it cause acne appear on our skin.
dehidrate; The elastic skin influence by colagen and elastin under the skin, for keep that need a enough water. Drink a wate 2 util 2,5 litre every day.
ray of sun; it can caused a damage our skin. We must smear with sunblock cream to our skin.
minus of vitamin; the feed or skin is antioksidant, like vitamin C.
radicalize (free radical); it can caused early aging too.

So if we want a healthy skin and looking a beauty please avoid that list.
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