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It's a different diet plan for each of the four blood types, based on the ory that each blood types has certain foods and nutrients that it can best utilize.

Eat according to your blood type; for exampe, ccording to the diet,
TYPE A; are naturallyvegetarians. They should eat lots of fruit and vegetables as they are high in carbs and low in fat. This is based on the idea that their bood is thicker than that of other blood type.

TYPE B; people sould have a diet that is balanced between plant and animal proteins.
TYPE O; people are carnivores. High protein food such as red meats, fruits, and vegetables should make up the bulk of their diet.

thre are no antigen & antibody anti A & anti B, as a blood type O you may be predisposed to certain illnesses, such as ulcers and thyroid disorders.

The Characteristic the type blood O :

>Have a good Immune;
>Have a higher level of stomach acid than the other blood type, wic often result in stomach irritation and ulcers.
>To suggested eat a high protein food, vegetables, organic fruit,low carbohydrate.
>people thistype blood often stress, but this can solve with healthy style.

Source Of Carohydrate :
Useful ; sweet potato
Neutral; rice, tapioca, buckwheat, milet, rice-flour, buckwheat oat flour, soba mie
Don't; buckwheat flour, potato, corn, corn flakes, spinach pasta, coscous, sorghum

Meat & Bird :
Useful ; buffalo meat, sheep meat, deer meat
Neutral; chicken, bird, duck, goat, rabbit
Don't; pig, quail bird, turtle, fumes meat, ham

Seafood :
useful ; red fish, todak fish, trout fish, sole fish
Neutral; shirm, salted shellfish, eel, lobster, tuna fish, snail, bluefish milk fih
Dont; barakuda fish, frog, muskelunge fish, octopus, abalon shellfish,squid

Useful ; spinach, horseradish, peterseli, brokoli, parsnip, okra, yellow pumpkin
Neutral; eggplant, tomato, fungus, chinese radish, papaya leaf, mustard plant, pickle
Don't; potao, alfalfa sprout, shitake fungus, cucumber, black zak, onion leaf, bitter melon

Fruit :
Useful ; mango, blubery, prune, pineapple, cherry, banana, plum
Neutral; mulbery, pir, aprikot, papaya, kismis, rasobery, melon, apel, starfruit, sweet orange, stroberi, grape, date palm
Don't; king banana, melon, mandarin orange, honey melon, back bery, avokad, asia pir

Drink :
Useful ; green tea, juice with fruit & vegetables wich suggestion
Neutral; red grape
Don't; coffee, black tea, alcohol, white grape

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