Saturday, April 19, 2008



Do you have a problem with do sleeping?if you do,...don't worry, gals coz you not only one.
You want to know more about problem?
insomnia is the perception or complain of inadequate or poor-quality sleep because of one or more of the following :
> difficulty falling asleep;
> waking up frequently during the night with difficult to sleep;
> waking up too early in thw morning;
> unrefreshing sleep.

In addition, the folowing behaviors have been shown to perpetuate insomnia in some people:

> expecting to have difficulty sleepeng and worrying about it;
> ingestin exessive amounts of caffeine;
> drinking alcohol before badtime;
> excessive napping in the afternoon or evening;
> irregular or cotiually disruped sleep/wake schedules.

These behaviormay prolong sxistng insomnia, and they can also be resposible for causing the sleeping problem in the first place. Stoping these behaviors may alimanet the insomnia altogether.

Treatment for chronic insomnia consist of :

> first diagnosing and treating underlying medical or psycological prolems;
> identifying behaviors that may worsen insomnia and stopping (or reducing them;
> possibly using sleeping pills;
> relaxaion therapy;

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